As a single parent on a low income, life was pretty insular and I could not afford to go out, nor could I work, due to having young children and living in a remote area, work was to too far away. As a result, I was feeling quite depressed and life felt futile. Not many people would have known I was struggling, because I didn’t let it show and I didn’t go out. Equally as a woman with a degree and as someone (I was told) with a ‘posh’ accent, nobody seemed to expect people like me to be silently struggling. After going to the JobCentre Plus one day, I was given a leaflet about Mid Powys Mind to volunteer or use the services they offered.

I took a leaflet but was a bit concerned as to what the other people would be like, would they have Downs Syndrome, would they be in straight jackets or would they be vagrants..... It all seems ridiculous to me now that I do know what mental health actually means. I held off calling for a while and then finally caved in and became a volunteer, helping out at a local support group. To my surprise there were lovely ‘normal’ people having cups of tea, taking part in creative activities and having a LAUGH something I had never envisaged but open to talking about life’s struggles. The improvements to my well being did not take place overnight, but I met people who talked about their difficulties as well as their hobbies, their children and their jobs. If you can relate to anything I have said please give Mind a call you may be surprised at what they do....


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